Revealing the Best Cruise Ship Destinations in the South of Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination for cruise lovers. With beautiful beaches, warm sunshine and friendly people, making it an ideal spot for a vacation. With so much on offer in the South of Spain, it can be hard to decide what to see. This short guide will reveal some of the best sites that should be on every cruise lovers itinerary.


Anyone taking a Spanish cruise has to visit the beautiful port city of Barcelona. The Barcelona marina is full of regal boats and luxury yachts. If you are searching for things to do then head into the heart of the city to visit the La Familia cathedral or simply enjoy a stroll down La Rambla.


Founded almost two millennia ago, Cartagena has a lot to offer tourists. For history lover, there is the incredibly well preserved and picturesque Roman theater of Carthago Nova that overlooks the bay, the old Moorish walls that surround the city and the crumbling ruins of the old cathedral. If you enjoy nature you will be enchanted by the beautiful coral reefs and everyone will love the delicious local cuisine.


The port city if Cadiz is a sprawling buzz of humanity filled with beautiful plazas that enchant tourists and locals alike. Two tourism attractions to watch out for are the grand cathedral and the Plaza de Mina. A walk along the narrow streets of the old town is also highly recommended if you want to get a sense of the city.


Valencia is a city that is bursting with ambitions. During the 1990′s modern office towers and convention centres started to spring up. At the same time the old heart of the city was the focus of a massive regeneration scheme. The result is a city that tastefully mixes the old with the new, offering a truly vibrant and exciting cultural experience to anyone visiting the city.


Located in a large valley, Sóller is a relaxed tranquil town to the North East of Mallorca. The town is most famous for its famous tramway that is known fondly by locals as the Orange Express. The name comes from the citrus groves that surround Sóller and were once the source of its wealth. Nowadays however, it is the tourists and not the oranges that power the local economy.

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