Messi golden boot 2012

messi golden boot 2012

Leo Messi can’t do anything wrong at the moment and his latest addition to his trophy shelf just goes to prove it. Leo picked up his second golden boot trophy of his outstanding career and pipped Cristiano Ronaldo to the post who managed to score four goals less.

Messi was given the award in Barcelona on Monday and had much thanks for his team mates after receiving it. In the audience were the likes of Xavi and Puyol to give the Argentine some support.

Leo had a few words to say after:

It is a prize for scoring goals, but without my teammates I couldn’t have scored them. I share this award with them as I always do”.
“I don’t fight for individual awards, I fight for titles. My goals are reclaiming the league crown, winning the Copa del Rey and the winning the Champions League again. Those are my goals, team goals.”

Messi, who is only 25 years of age, is tipped to take home a fourth Ballon D’Or trophy. He already has 3 which is some record but a fourth would truly cement the little Argentine in the annuals of football history forever!

It is truly an outstanding feat to win the Ballon D’Or just once but Messi is looking at a fourth and that is just incredible. Messi has also stated that he would like to end his career at Barca. He’s been in the city since he was a small boy and feels he owes it to Barcelona and his fans to finish his footballing days here.

While that may be sad news for fans of good football all over the planet, Messi wants to stay true to the Barca philosophy and end his career with the Catalan club.

Maybe Sandro Rosell should should take a leaf out of Messi’s book and engage his brain before opening his mouth. Apparently he has caused a stir by obviously referring to Madrid as “chulos” or cocky.

Rosell explained to a group of school children:

“And humility? Humility is not being cocky. Like Messi or the way that Barça celebrates its title wins modestly, without offending its opponents and always dancing ‘la sardana’ (Catalonia’s national dance)”.

Read into that what you will but Rosell has obviously used an undertone whilst explaining the values of his club to the smaller members of the community. Sandro Rosell has taken over where ex president Joan LaPorta has left off I’m afraid. I truly thought that Rosell would set a better example but alas I was wrong and therefore belongs in the same category as Jose Mourinho – cocky.

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    Valora en Leo Messi has picked up a second golden boot award for his awesome 50 goal tally of European and domestic goals for last season. The ceremony was held in Barcelona on Monday….