U2 fined in Barcelona for being “too loud”

It looks like the Irish superstars of U2 are being fined by Barcelona’s City Hall for being too noisy. Call me old fashioned but isn’t that what a rock concert is all about? Bono and the boys were able to organise a video conference at their first gig to the International Space Station as part of their launch of their 360º World Tour which kicked off in Barcelona last week but have fallen foul of Barcelona City Hall’s greedy councillors. It is also reported that U2 also held rehearsals without permission from the City Hall.

Local newspaper El Punt have reported that Barcelona City Hall is to fine the band because their concert was too loud, above the 70 decibel limit, and also for holding a practice session without permission at the FC Barcelona stadium until midnight, when 10pm is the limit. The size of the fine has not been disclosed.

This harsh measure which can only be described as greedy as well as stupid comes despite U2 leader Bono thanking local residents for their patience in putting up with the noise from rehearsals, at the start of the first concert.

To make matters worse the rather pathetic and almost inexistent public transport after the first gig in the city which finished at 12:20a.m proved a big problem for the 90,000 fans at each of the two gigs played in the city last week. Thousands of pedestrians trying to find their way home caused considerable disruption to drivers in the district, while local greedy taxi drivers were charging between 30€ and 60€ to get back to the plaza Catalunya and the centre of town.

Getting to the metro on Thursday, the second gig was a joke. There were thousands of U2 fans all heading towards the Collblanc station. Once there you couldn’t even make out the station and people slowly poured inside once they found the mouth of the metro. Once inside the metro station, the heat was stifling and hundreds of fans found themselves queuing up for a ticket! A rather ridiculous situation if you ask me. I mean, a supergroup comes to the city, brings in lots of money and they couldn’t be bothered to waiver the price of a ticket and let the passengers through for an hour or so. That’s greedy Barcelona City Hall for you! Even the metro employees were looking to see if you had validated your ticket!

Anyway, to end a on a good note it was one of the best concerts I’ve seen in a long while and having Snow Patrol on first was the icing on the cake. Well done Bono and the boys from U2.

u2 barcelona

u2 barcelona

u2 barcelona

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