Leo Messi gets third FIFA Ballon D’OR

Messi gets his third FIFA Ballon D’OR in a row and thus joins an elite club of footballers. He was presented the trophy by Brazil legend Ronaldo.

Grec Festival Barcelona 2011

The Grec Festival Barcelona 2011 has already got underway and there is a wealth of culture to be enjoyed by everyone from music and dance to theatre and art.

If you haven’t seen Born Barcelona, you haven’t really seen anything at all

The Born district in Barcelona has to be one of the most enchanting of all. If you haven’t been to Born Barcelona you are missing out on a wonderful experience as there is so much to see and do in this trendy part of town.

Barcelona Tourism

Barcelona Tourism has got to be on just about everyone’s agenda when they first set foot in the catalan capital. There are so many things to see and do here the mind boggles.

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

Things to do in Barcelona Spain is a small guide that will get you up and running with the main things to do while you are on holiday in Barcelona whether it’s a few days or a week.

Spanish Wines And Wines From Catalonia

Some information about the labels on Spanish and Catalan wines. From young fruity wines to Crianzas right up to mature Reservas and Cavas.

Doping and punishment

WHAT does the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), the governing body of global track and field sports, have in common with the Nazis? According to Dmitry Kiselev, Russia’s propagandist-in-chief, they both believe in collective punishment: the Nazis “knowingly took innocents prisoner and shot them for the conduct of others”, while the IAAF last week […]

Deja vu as jaded Spanish voters head to polls

The radical left Podemos party could come top in Sunday’s elections. But few expect that to end the political stalemate, while the impact of Brexit on people’s voting is impossible to predict. News from EUobserver

Small carrot, medium stick

AT last week’s St Petersburg International Economic Forum, Vladimir Putin’s flagship economic conference, a pair of guests raised Russia’s increasingly fervent hopes for a rapprochement with the European Union. Matteo Renzi, Italy’s prime minister, regaled the crowd with references to shared cultural history. The European Commission’s president, Jean-Claude Juncker, chided Russia for its aggression in […]

Radiohead and Ramadan

Fighting for the right to rock ON JUNE 17th Radiohead, a British rock band, played an unexpected cameo role in Turkey’s increasingly bitter conflict between secularists and zealots. About two dozen men, some armed with pipes, stormed an Istanbul record shop where fans of the group had gathered to listen to their new album. Incensed […]

Applications deferred

FOR all the Euroscepticism that has swept across the continent in recent years, there is one region where majorities still long to join the European Union: the western Balkans. From Sarajevo to Skopje, governments all want in. Even Serbs, who resented European countries’ role in the wars of former Yugoslavia in the 1990s, now want […]

[Focus] Losing Schengen would hurt EU businesses

Systematic border controls would cost €53 to €130 for every European citizen, according to estimates, but the transport industry is already feeling the pain of border checks within the EU. News from EUobserver