Leo Messi gets third FIFA Ballon D’OR

Messi gets his third FIFA Ballon D’OR in a row and thus joins an elite club of footballers. He was presented the trophy by Brazil legend Ronaldo.

Grec Festival Barcelona 2011

The Grec Festival Barcelona 2011 has already got underway and there is a wealth of culture to be enjoyed by everyone from music and dance to theatre and art.

If you haven’t seen Born Barcelona, you haven’t really seen anything at all

The Born district in Barcelona has to be one of the most enchanting of all. If you haven’t been to Born Barcelona you are missing out on a wonderful experience as there is so much to see and do in this trendy part of town.

Barcelona Tourism

Barcelona Tourism has got to be on just about everyone’s agenda when they first set foot in the catalan capital. There are so many things to see and do here the mind boggles.

Things to do in Barcelona Spain

Things to do in Barcelona Spain is a small guide that will get you up and running with the main things to do while you are on holiday in Barcelona whether it’s a few days or a week.

Spanish Wines And Wines From Catalonia

Some information about the labels on Spanish and Catalan wines. From young fruity wines to Crianzas right up to mature Reservas and Cavas.

Women at war

Beata will be hard to beat WHEN Ewa Kopacz succeeded Donald Tusk as Poland’s prime minister last autumn, she became only the second woman in the job, after Hanna Suchocka in 1992-93. After the general election in October, the next government will again be led by a woman—but it may not be Ms Kopacz. Her […]

Forget the baguette

THESE are momentous days for sliced bread, at least in France. The land of the long crusty baguette boasts more artisanal bakers supplying freshly cooked loaves than any other country in Europe, says the International Association of Plant Bakers. Yet sales of pre-cut bread, wrapped in cellophane and twist-tied with plastic fasteners, are booming. The […]

Roman carnival

Renzi considers Rome’s swamp WHAT links a one-eyed bank robber and Europe’s biggest asylum reception centre to Sisters Marcella and Consolata of the Servants of the Congregation of Divine Providence? The answer: all are caught up in colourful recent scandals that menace the credibility and reputation of Matteo Renzi’s reforming government. The latest involves the […]

Talking time

LATELY an unfamiliar emotion has washed over Cyprus: hope. The economy is starting to crawl back after a euro-zone bail-out in 2013. But the big news was the surprise election, in April, of Mustafa Akinci, a centre-left moderate, as president of the unrecognised Turkish-Cypriot north. This has kindled new optimism over ending the island’s divide. […]

Gambling in Catalonia

Those who travel to Catalonia will be impressed by the diversity of experiences one can experience in the region. The capital, Barcelona, has a renowned Gothic Quarter that has become known as a focal point of Spanish architecture, as well as several beaches that tourists can visit. The prolific gambler will also be pleased to […]

Putin the uniter

A message to Russia MIKHAIL ZABRODSKY, the broad-shouldered commander of Ukraine’s airborne troops, came of age in the Soviet Union. After the Soviet collapse he even served in the Russian army. When he moved home to Ukraine he stayed in touch. “We were all friends,” he says, shaking his head. When Russia turned its guns […]